Friday, 20 October 2017

First Team To Beat Destiny 2's Prestige Leviathan Raid Used An Exploit


Destiny 2 Bungie

Update: It's been discovered that Clan Redeem utilized an exploit to wind up noticeably the world's initially group to finish the Leviathan Prestige Raid. 

Nonetheless, this isn't a similar bug that made Bungie postpone the Raid; instead, it's the supposed loop glitch that has been around since September. This is appeared to be the situation in a gameplay clip of Redeem making its way through the Raid- - you can really hear one player announce the glitch's utilization during a stream. Up until this point, Bungie has not addressed the circumstance, however a few fans feel Redeem's "reality first" status ought to be precluded in light of the exploit.

Original Story: Not considerably more than an hour after it initially went live in Destiny 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, the Prestige rendition of Leviathan- - effectively the Raid's hard mode- - has just been beaten. Bungie has confirmed that no less than one group has just emerged victorious.

Family Redeem was the world's initially group to finish the Raid; according to a tweet from Bungie, it beat the next-fastest group by just four minutes. Among the rewards that have been handed out for completing the Raid are a weapon ornament for Legend of Acrius (the Raid's Exotic shotgun) and a blue token. There wasn't an aura, however that might be because of groups skipping the chest to race toward completing the Raid. Bungie had beforehand suggested the Prestige Raid's reward would be corrective in nature, as opposed to things that would increase players' Power level.

Destiny 2 exploit

While the title of world's initially has just been taken, the Prestige Raid will remain in-game for everybody to attempt their hand at. Preceding release, Bungie did not specify what might be diverse but to state there would be some "minimal" mechanical changes. Players are as yet ready to revive each other (however a revive token system remains set up), and minor tweaks have been made to the different encounters to make them more troublesome.

This Prestige Raid should arrive a week ago alongside the now-concluded Iron Banner. Nonetheless, Bungie discovered an exploit that nullified the Raid's difficulty. Thus, the Prestige Raid was delayed to take a shot at a fix. That still isn't prepared, yet rather than postpone it further, Bungie will monitor the Raid to recognize groups that make utilization of the exploit. In the interim, the most recent Nightfall Strike has been replaced because of a bug.